Boiler Maintenance

If your building is heated by a Boiler, maintenance is a necessity as faulty equipment can be extremely dangerous. Also, a building without heat during freezing temperatures certainly leads to serious concerns. It is highly recommended that you identify a competent Full Service Mechanical Contractor in your area, and take care of Boiler Maintenance before a potentially life-threatening fault arises.

Boiler Failure

No one wants to have a Heating System failure in the dead of winter, but by neglecting your critical equipment you’re asking for trouble. Proper maintenance and equipment inspections are key in preventing such failures. Depending on the complexity of the particular Boiler and associated Heating System components, this can mean the difference in a short spell of discomfort and an extensive repair due to frozen pipes, or worse. A reputable contractor should be able to identify certain repair items that should be stored on-site in the event of an emergency, to help prevent any major catastrophes.

Boiler Maintenance Contracts 

Boiler breakdowns usually happen during the coldest times and typically there is little you can do yourself, to remedy the situation. Emergency Repairs can be very costly, so it’s a good idea to setup a Service Agreement with a Reputable Full Service Mechanical Contractor in your area.

Boiler Maintenance & Repair is a critical service, that requires special training, tools and licensing. Typical service include cleaning and flushing waterside controls & piping, cleaning & inspection of fireside components, combustion analysis, fuel control & distribution inspection, and adjustment of low-water cutoff safeties and pump controls. Boilers use fire to create either hot water, or steam. The combination of these elements can be extremely dangerous if the proper service practices are not adhered to.

Boiler Safety

We cannot over-stress the importance of seeking out Licensed, Qualified, Competent Contractors to entrust the safety of your employees, tenants or family members.


My HVAC Services is your Honest & Reliable Full Service Mechanical Contractor, ready and able to assist you. From an emergency service call in the middle of the night, to a scheduled maintenance inspection. We are available 24/7, do not hesitate to give us a call!

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