Cooling Towers are a common feature in many of today’s Commercial Buildings. They are used to cool condenser water for Mechanical Equipment such as Chillers & Air Handlers, and they can even be used for ‘Free Cooling’ by employing some type of Heat Exchanger. In short, they are a vital part of most modern Commercial HVAC Systems, and as such, require Routine and Proper Maintenance. A Cooling Towers’ main function is to remove the heat gained by the water from whatever ‘process’ is being used in the building. Considering the majority of Cooling Tower’s are located outdoors and exposed to all types of airborne particles such as dirt, pollen, bird droppings and other organic materials, it is one of the ideal places for bacteria to thrive. The main problem that will be experienced by Facilities Manager’s and Maintenance Personnel, is the eventual Loss of Efficiency and Performance of the Building’s HVAC Equipment, not to mention potential Health Hazards such as Legionnaires’ Disease . The best solution is to seek help from a licensed, qualified, and competent Commercial HVAC Service Provider.

Clean and Disinfect Your Cooling Tower

As a general guideline, Facilities Manager’s should schedule to have their Cooling Towers cleaned and serviced, twice a year. Depending on the location and condition of the equipment, a follow-up service and through disinfection may also be required. This can prevent the future growth of bacteria, and the likelihood of corrosion as well. With Routine & Proper Maintenance, Building Owner’s can expect to increase Energy Efficiency and extend Equipment Life. This is the first step to ensure optimum system performance.

Prevent the Spread of Airborne Pathogens

Employing Routine & Proper Cooling Tower Maintenance Services is necessary to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens. This is not only a Health & Safety Hazard to Facilities Personnel, but also a required by OSHA. Seeking a licensed, qualified, and competent Commercial HVAC Service Provider is a must.

In order to maximize a Cooling Tower’s Performance and reduce any harmful airborne particles, the mineral and bacterial deposits that have accumulated must be removed. Though the use of specialized equipment and properly administered chemicals, all the tough deposits would be dissolved and the potentially harmful bacteria would be neutralized. Not a task to be handled carelessly, especially considering the health of Employee’s and Building Tenants.

Minimize Energy Costs

Adhering to a Routine Cooling Tower Maintenance Program not only reduces harmful bacteria but also increases Energy Efficiency, and therefore minimizes Operating Costs. Typical services include Cleaning & Disinfecting, Belt Adjustment and/ or Replacement, Bearing Lubrication, Water Bleed-Off & Refill Rate Tuning, Water Quality Testing and Treatment, Electrical/ Hardware Inspection and Tighten Up, just to name a few. These tasks are often overlooked, but are absolutely necessary to maintain a Properly Functioning Cooling Tower and Extend Equipment Life.

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