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Project Description

Boiler Repair

General Purpose Boilers, used for comfort heating, tend to be very simplistic in design and operation. Properly installed, and maintained, they will provide many years of hassle free operation. However, when carelessly or improperly installed & maintained, they become a constant headache for Building Owners. We were called in to check this boiler, after the Facilities Manager noticed water leaking from the unit. We found leaks between several ‘sections’ of the boiler, and once disassembled, we were able to determine the cause to be improper service practices. With the proper cleaning, gasketing, and hardware torqueing, we were able to get this boiler back in service. It was also found that the control piping had been improperly installed, and maintained. In less than 5 years of service, this boiler had to be completely rebuilt, from the ground up. Who you hire, matters. Take time to understand your equipment, and learn to value your investments. The lowest price, and the most common names recognized from advertising, do not guarantee proper service.